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Transform Your

Supply Chain


Six Peaks Consulting, LLC is revolutionizing supply chain management in the healthcare industry through strategic partnerships with healthcare executives to mitigate current and future risks, enable new supply strategies and plan for successful future growth.


Six Peaks experienced consultants understand the difficult challenges health systems face today and provide solutions and services to meet each unique system’s needs effectively and efficiently.


Six Peaks consultants have years of international supply chain experience assisting organizations in achieving their goals. 

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Six Peaks Consulting is a best in class supply chain integrator for five reasons:


1. We contribute to your strategic visioning process with our extensive multi-industry experience

2. We provide innovative and unbiased solutions to meet your specific needs

3. We offer a collaborative, transparent service experience

4. We are comprehensive in that we cover all major supply streams: med-surg, devices & implants, pharmaceuticals, and all else.

5. We are all things CSC (Consolidated Service Centers)


Our clients are healthcare hospital systems and manufacturers across the globe who desire to create value-based, sustainable relationships that extract waste and irrational variation out of the connected supply chain processes.


Our expertise in complex, multi-industry global supply chain environments combined with our knowledge of cost containment principles allows us to demonstrate to a healthcare system how best to free up resources needed to invest in new models and technology - all with patient care in mind. Six Peaks can help your health care hospital system understand the real constraints and optimize within those constraints. Additionally, Six Peaks offers a proactive plan to mitigate risks that could become real threats to your entire health system’s operations.


The Six Peaks team can also help manufacturers understand the “cost to serve” model for interacting with health system CSC models and maximize capabilities to link their supply capabilities with the health systems they serve.


Six Peaks Consulting can guide you to successfully navigate today’s complex healthcare supply chain environment that looks beyond cost control, supply risk mitigation and enhances the success of your overall supply model.

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